I love working with brands! As someone who streams Netflix, listens to Amazon Prime music, and gets her news emailed to her daily, I understand the importance of online ads and sponsored quality content- they are the only ones I see or hear! My readers are interested in family time activities like family dinners or family travel as well as all things LDS such as family history, modest clothing, scripture studies, and LDS teaching aids. Opportunities include but are not limited to sponsored posts, sidebar ads, newsletters ads, sponsored social media posts, brand ambassador, and event host. Email me using the form below or at Camille@cknscratch.com and I'll respond within 48 hours (72 hours on weekends and holidays). If you really need an immediate response mark URGENT in the subject line and I'll respond within 24 hours.

More about Me

I grew up in New Mexico and have a natural love for green chili and Jell-O. When the Olympics came to Utah, I jumped on board and volunteered at the Media Center for both the Olympics and Paralympics while going to school at BYU. I also had the opportunity to run the torch for a stretch in my hometown of Albuquerque. These are definitely experiences I won't be forgetting. Now my Olympic torch sits in my kitchen reminding me of all the adventures we have yet to take. I'm a Mom of 5 little ones (5-12 years) and wife of 13 years. Every summer we gather the neighborhood up to discover more of Colorado Springs- behind the scenes, museums, special tours, the outdoors- whatever peaks our interest. With a degree in Recreational Management, I love organizing events and my kids learned early on how to plan a great party. We'd all love to work with you! Read more about me and why I blog on my About Me page.

See some of my Sponsored Posts 

  • Save the World's Records- Host an Indexing Party (FamilySearch.org)- I loved doing this one because I followed it up with a live event and still meet up on a regular basis to continue family history work with some of the same people that came to the event.
  • 4 Ways You Can Build a Home of Faith (DaySpring)- My family and I are still doing the Promptings Basket and I love linking to it in other posts because the feedback is always so positive. I also have used the new decor as my background in Live videos.

I try to keep all my sponsored posts evergreen content so we can both enjoy it long after.


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See my Media Kit here (updated March 2018)

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