Alice in Wonderland New Beginning's for Young Women's

 What a great New Beginning's we had last night!  We will have 2 new Beehives this year (thankfully someone moved in!) and it was a great night to get to know them more as well as celebrate Young Women's.  The theme this year is "Come unto Christ" which I love.  The song that we had the Young Women learn is called, "He Knows Me Better," (I've mentioned it a few times).  In the song, it talks about finding your direction, seeing all the pieces to the puzzle, and turning to Christ.  So with all of that in mind, we decided upon the theme, "Alice and Wonderland."  I personally have only watched this movie once and that was enough for me but the theme leads to some great decorations!  Here's what I ended up doing for the decorations:

This is right outside the Primary Room- a picnic basket, rabbit, and a tree with signs pointing every which way.  I also slipped a Alice in Wonderland cardboard cut out over the door handle.  It got everyone excited to come in. Here's a close up of the cardboard cut out.  I found one to trace here.

The snack table- I put a divider up behind it with a tablecloth over it.  Then I taped some paper garlands on top.  I cut out some clocks, used lots of teacups, brought a candle stick holder for more cups, laid out some colorful puzzle pieces and used my beaded garland for the table (I simply strung wood beads of various sizes and colors on a long plastic cord and I use it for everything from our Christmas tree to party decorations).  

I glued eyes on the flowers.  I also took my white poinsettia and painted some of the leaves red.  I stacked a couple of pots with the poinsettia on top.  I printed out a poster of the theme and made sure to put that up too.  

The other flowers I put out had colorful pipe cleaners in them too that I twisted around a pencil to give it that wacky fun feel.  You can see the clear teacups here with their "Drink Me" Labels too.  

One of the things that I loved was I didn't have to buy anything.  If I was looking for something that I didn't have, I posted a request on our ward's Relief Society private Facebook page.  I absolutely love having that Facebook page, it really comes in handy.  I recommend having one!

I also cut out a big key and some stacked teacups out of cardboard then I painted them. I put some red flowers out for the Queen, of course, too.  This is the front of the room. That picture of Jesus was used during our program.  

I loved these paper garlands.  I added some foam hearts for the Queen and the mushrooms are from cardboard. The garlands are really easy to make, but a little time consuming. I cut a whole bunch of paper strips and starting with a simple loop and lots of staples. I added some circles and some double and triple loops as I went along. Its really easy once you get going. The best part- totally free. I bought the colored paper at Staples and used their rebates to make it all free. The gold frame has the following quote:

I think it tied the decorations in with the theme well.  You can just right click it to copy it.  

As far as the program is concerned, we took the idea of the puzzle pieces and used that to highlight this year's theme. Various leaders and Young Women were asked to speak about each value as it relates to a specific topic. We gave the Young Women the topics and a time limit. When they came up they put a piece of the puzzle in and talked for under 5 minutes each.

  • Divine Nature- I am a child of God and the Temple
  • Individual Worth- You matter and are needed in YW
  • Choice and Accountability- Sisterhood
  • Knowledge- School and Church learning opportunities
  • Good Works- Weekly Activities
  • Integrity- Honesty
  • Virtue- Well, virtue

Faith was the last piece of the puzzle and our Young Women's president did a great job with this one. She mentioned how sometimes we think we have the right last piece of the puzzle, but it wasn't and its hard to remove it sometimes and it even might feel like there is a big hole when we do (like not being friends with some negative influences anymore) but our Faith will fill the hole and make us complete- just like the theme says- as we come unto Christ, we will become complete as we get rid of those things that distract us from our true goal.  She then turned the puzzle pieces around to show a picture of Christ- that with the pieces put all together, we do get closer to Christ.

We always start the evening off with having the Moms talk about the new Beehives  then we sing the song then go into the program with the Bishop, of course, finishing things off.  Finally, its refreshment time!  We had teacups with labels that said "Drink Me" and some food with notes that said "Eat me."  We chose to have Pink Lemonade, water, and Sugar Cookie bars with bright frosting.  Everybody had so much fun with the theme and the program went really well.  I was really happy with this year's program and excited for the year that will follow it!

You can resize these labels to be really small to attach to a bottle or cup or you can make them really big and post a sign by the drinks and food.